Playwriting Resume

Lady Susan Or The Captive Heart, A Jane Austen Bodice Ripper Slated for future production, Theater 2020, Brooklyn New York
Doubt & Deliberation Commissioned by JASNA New York Chapter
Wracked Published by NYTE February 2010
Crunching Numbers  Re-launched as an e-book February 2010 in Plays & Playwrights For The New Millennium
Northanger Abbey, A Romantic Gothic Comedy Published October 2006 Playing with Canons – Anthology, New York Theatre ExperienceTheater Ten Ten, New York City 2006The Blue Room Theatre, California 2003Distilled Spirits Theatre, New York City *Off Off Broadway Review Award for Excellence, New York 2000 Season

Intrigue & LoveBy Friedrich von Schiller

Translated/Adapted for Jean Cocteau Repertory Theatre – 2005 Off Broadway, New York City

Innocent Diversions, A Christmas Entertainment With Jane Austen & Friends

Theater Ten Ten New York City Dec 2007Distilled Spirits Theatre, New York City, 1999Theatre Ten Ten, New York City, 1998

Crunching Numbers*

(Three related one-act plays)

Distilled Spirits Theartre, New York City *Published in 2000 as part of

Plays & Playwrights For the New Millennium

A Thousand Merry Conceits, A Private Audience With Nell Gwyn

Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland 1997 Festival FringeTheatrre Ten Ten, New York City, 1997Distilled Spirits Theatre, New York City, 1999
Once In a Blue Moon

Twice Blessed

The Thrice Three Muses

Theatre Ten Ten, New York CityJohn Houseman Theatre, New York CityNo Smoking Playhouse, New York City(Amateur & Student Productions)


BFA in Theatre, University Of Minnesota, Mpls. – Playwriting, New Dramatists, New York City

Playwright-In- Residence:

Theater 2020
Associate Member: Dramatists Guild
Related Experience: Director, Actress, Costume Designer, film-maker

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